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Once upon a time, in a village on the outskirts of Lyon, a young artist by the name of Isaac Newtones, self-taught and unaware of his potential, could not help but succeed in all areas. All his life he was accompanied by art without even realizing it, but the pressure of his entourage as well as that of the world in which he lived encouraged him not to follow that direction that seemed impossible to reach. He therefore decided to turn to the path that everyone borrowed to ensure a proper future. He began by obtaining his baccalaureate, then the desire to go further led him to obtain a graduate study certificate in the field of the automotive industry, and when he decided to go to the end of things by following a training course. engineer in thermal engines and acoustic vibrations, he realized that it was not what he wanted, he refused to deprive himself of all that life could offer him to engage in a field that would prevent him from express yourself fully. He understood that art would be the solution for him to feel free, to be able to smile every morning before even opening his eyes, that decision was taken he wanted to live from his art.

    Once his choice was made, he took his courage in both hands to start studying art to improve and become the best in his field, but the problem with this young artist is that all of his ideas were overflowing so, he couldn't succeed in a single discipline because his curiosity and his envy led him to want to succeed everywhere, painting, sketching, space design, product design, graphic design ... Every night he came back full of work and has become frustrated because he still could not express himself freely, he always had the impression of doing things by obligation so he started shutting himself up at his place and spent hours composing music, that was for him the only way to escape. He had learned beatmaking alone, without ever sharing what he was creating. He unveiled his music for the first time to his friend who wrote him a lot of songs and introduced him to other very active dancers. It was after these meetings that Newtones began to gain confidence in his art and talents, so he set up his first collaborations with singers and dance companies.

    Since that day, this young Isaac has decided to live his art without closing himself to a single domain, he wants to be able to make videos and graphics through the music, to achieve his goal as a freelance artist and there he started to use all the strings that forms his bow.